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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soundscape: NYC Buskers

New York buskers are known for their live music performances  in subways and parks where they play for voluntary donations. Their music contributes to the urban soundscape environment with many becoming identifiable soundmarks given their daily locations. 

Underground Soundscape (4'42") By Andrea V. Zarate Moreno. Short documentary on New York's subway musicians and their freedom of speech. Addresses how underground performers are approved by the transit authority. Source: YouTube

Underground Sounds (1' 05") By Miranda Bushey. This video is the first of a collection of documented musical performances that take place in public spaces in New York City and Brooklyn. The videos are a way to observe the different ways that music contributes to everyday sensorial experience.  Source: YouTube

NYC Live Underground - Series by Mike Kobal
  • Sampler (8'07") This is the filmmakers first subway music sampler presenting the musicians of New York's subway tunnels. Source: Vimeo
  • Saw Lady (2'45")  A short documentary about a lady who performs music with bow and saw. Source: Vimeo
  • Wilder Lee (1'25") Performer Wilder Lee rocks the underground tunnel between 7th Ave. and 6th Ave. He was later asked by the police to "pack it up" and leave. Source: Vimeo

Central Park ban angers NYC Buskers (2'32") BBC reporter Keith Wallace looks at the issue of  Buskers being banned from performing in parts of New York's Central Park, to give visitors an escape from the constant noise of the city that never sleeps. But local musicians have voiced objections to the move. Source: BBC

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