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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phonographer Chris Watson: Field Recording

Chris Watson is one of the world's leading recorder of wildlife and natural phenomena. His work as a wildlife sound recordist has covered television documentaries and experimental musical collaborations. His recordings are featured in the film The Constant Gardener and he has also contributed recordings to the Sigur Ros movie, Heima, which premiered at the Electric Proms in London in 2007. He's won several high-profile awards for his work, which he says, “puts a microphone where you can’t put your ears”. 

Chris Watson:  (9:42) Chris Watson discusses his field recording experiences and techniques in documenting the natural world sonic environment.  Source: Chris Watson web site.

Calls of the Wild: Chris Watson and Sir David Attenborough in conversation (11:49) Chris Watson is a renowned sound recordist and BAFTA winner for his work on the BBC documentary The Life of Birds. In this video he talks to long-time colleague Sir David Attenborough about their experiences of sound recording in the wild. The talk was held  at the Royal Institution of Great Britain and chaired by Richard Ranft, Head of the British Sound Archive. This is an excerpt of a 1.5 hour talk.  Source: Vimeo

Case Study: Chris Watson - Toolkit interview. (9:22) Case studies for Sound and Music's Artists' Toolkit features interviews with some key artists working in the world of sound. Interviews explore how artists have developed their practice and career by providing insight into how they make and support their work. Artists discuss some of their first experiences with sound and reveal aspects of their working process, while providing bits of advice to developing an artistic practice. Source: Vimeo

Chris Watson:  Recording at Port Eliot (3:21) Fresh off the plane from the North Pole, where he was working on the BBC's Frozen Planet, Chris came to Port Eliot  to record for a unique new sound installation – 'Sound into Light'. Source: Vimeo

Future Of Sound: Chris Watson (16:33) This presentation was recorded at De Montfort University in January 2009 Source: Vimeo

Wildlife Sound Recording in India (10:18) In April 2009 Chris Watson, Piers Warren and a group of sound recordists headed to Corbett Tiger Reserve in Northern India on a Wildeye expedition for an unforgettable adventure recording the sounds of the jungle. Source: YouTube

Springwatch: Amble Harbour eider ducks recorded (4:20) The unusual mating call of the male eider duck has been captured by Chris Watson who travels the world recording the voices of nature, but the eider duck can be found on his doorstep at Amble on the north east coast near Northumberland. Source: BBC

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