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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Listening Walk: Mt. Beauty, Victoria Australia

Mt. Beauty, Victoria Australia (2:51) Alex Braidwood, while in residence at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, led a Listening Walk that began with a very short introduction to the core ideas of acoustic ecology and active listening. Participants were then led on a walk that allowed for the investigation, appreciation and critical analysis of the surrounding soundscape. During the walk, participants were invited to experience the modified headphones, part of his larger Listening Instruments project. The walk concluded with a discussion in which participants shared and reflected on their experience. Source: Vimeo

Lecture: Sonic Architecture

Sonic Architecture  (33 min) A Pathways2Sustainability presentation with sounds and graphics (Calgary 2013) by Don Hill. Acoustic ecology tends to be overlooked by modern planners, designers, and architects. demonstrates a sound fix to remediate unpleasant noise—if you can't fix it, feature it! Source: Vimeo

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lecture: Acoustic Ecology in the City

Acoustic Ecology in the City (1:24) Professor John Levack Drever, Goldsmiths, gives a talk with projected graphics on building acoustics and environmental noise. This seminar is part of the UCL IEDELearn Designing for Sound series. (Jun 26, 2015) Source: YouTube

Soundscape: Valley Bridge Day and Night

Valley Bridge (2:46) A short acoustic-ecology film by Andy Woodgate that examines the soundscape of a transit and pedestrian bridge throughout the day and night. Source: YouTube

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Soundscape: Crane Trust Bison

Crane Trust Bison (7:16) The American Bison at the Crane Trust is one of the few genetically pure herds. Researchers are studying their restorative ecological role for cranes and other migratory birds along the Platte River. Video by Eric Leonardson who observed this herd during the Grassland Soundscapes Workshop organized by the Global Sustainable Soundscape Network. Source: YouTube.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Interview: R. Murray Schafer, Composer

The Musical Mind #2: R. Murray Schafer, Composer (2:30) A short interview with R. Murray Shafer, a Canadian composer, writer, music educator and environmentalist, perhaps best known for his World Soundscape Project, concerning acoustic ecology. Source: YouTube.

Documentary: Undersea Noise in Puget Sound

Listening to the Undersea Noise in Puget Sound (3:17) A short introduction to the increasing risk of noise pollution to undersea life in Washington state's Puget Sound. Source: YouTube

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Documentary: Lisbon - The City is an Orchestra

Lisbon - The City is an Orchestra (Lisboa em Si) (1.05.30), had a very special goal: to explore the musical possibilities of a riverside city. On the 21st of June, 2013, Lisbon was the stage for an unique concert that gathered thousands of people, in a gigantic sound and social experience. The result was a seven minute musical composition, using horns from 22 ships, 6 fire department vehicles, 2 trains, 106 church bells from 19 churches and 6 electric tram bells. One hundred musicians performed live an original score, radio coordinated and scattered all over the historical riverside area of Lisbon. This Documentary tells a story of Lisbon for Lisbon... from its daily and urban sounds to an unrepeatable musical journey that belongs in the city’s musical history. Source: YouTube