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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Interview: R. Murray Schafer, Composer

The Musical Mind #2: R. Murray Schafer, Composer (2:30) A short interview with R. Murray Shafer, a Canadian composer, writer, music educator and environmentalist, perhaps best known for his World Soundscape Project, concerning acoustic ecology. Source: YouTube.

Documentary: Undersea Noise in Puget Sound

Listening to the Undersea Noise in Puget Sound (3:17) A short introduction to the increasing risk of noise pollution to undersea life in Washington state's Puget Sound. Source: YouTube

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Documentary: Lisbon - The City is an Orchestra

Lisbon - The City is an Orchestra (Lisboa em Si) (1.05.30), had a very special goal: to explore the musical possibilities of a riverside city. On the 21st of June, 2013, Lisbon was the stage for an unique concert that gathered thousands of people, in a gigantic sound and social experience. The result was a seven minute musical composition, using horns from 22 ships, 6 fire department vehicles, 2 trains, 106 church bells from 19 churches and 6 electric tram bells. One hundred musicians performed live an original score, radio coordinated and scattered all over the historical riverside area of Lisbon. This Documentary tells a story of Lisbon for Lisbon... from its daily and urban sounds to an unrepeatable musical journey that belongs in the city’s musical history. Source: YouTube

Lectures: Listening Around The Corner

To co zni za rohem/ Listening Around The Corner (3.07.02). Here is the archived audio/video from Listening Around the Corner mini-symposium on Thursday, June 18 at Galerie Tranzitdisplay. Presenters included WFAE President Eric Leonardson, musician Brane Zorman, sculptor and curator Dagmar Šubrtová, botanist Helena Štorchová, musicians and travelers Peter Cusack and Lloyd Dunn. Low resolution. Source: YouTube.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Field Recording: Joshua Tree National Park

Ambisonic Field Recording: Joshua Tree National Park (2:43) Listen(n) is an interdisciplinary project that explores remote landscapes of natural environments through sound. A May 2014 field lab visited the Joshua Tree National Park (California) and recording in various locations. This video discusses the process. Source: Vimeo

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Soundscape Composition: Symphony of the Birds

Symphony of the Birds (4:49) In the 50's, Jim Fassett had an idea to take field recordings of bird songs and transform them on a tape machine, altering their pitch and reducing their speed in order to create actual songs from the singing of real birds. The result is what he called "The symphony of the birds". 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Documentary: Listen to Britain

Listen to Britain (19:00) A 1942 British propaganda short film by Humphrey Jennings and Stewart McAllister. Consists of miscellaneous British scenes and sounds that illustrate wartime activities. These scenes and sounds include singing by women ambulance drivers and by service men at a canteen, war production at factories, lunchtime symphony concerts, and airplane detection units at work. The film was produced during World War II by the Crown Film Unit, an organization within the British Government's Ministry of Information to support the Allied war effort. The film was nominated for the inaugural Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1943. Source: YouTube and Wikipedia

Soundscape: Venice

The following are short videos on YouTube by "solubleshark" that explore a soundscape environment (including musical sounds) as heard when moving through Venice. Often sound from more than one source can be heard at the same time. Such blending of sounds is sometimes thought of as noise, but it can actually be interesting if you one gives attention to what they are hearing

Venice Soundscape Mix (:57) Sounds of music practice coming from the music school, mingling with each other and also with the natural sound of bird song. The Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello di Venezia is located near to the Academia bridge.

Source: YouTube