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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Noise Issues: Kenya - 5 videos

The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) enforces noise related issues throughout Kenya.  The Authority has warned violators that it will enforce the law and has trained police officers on matters touching on environment regulations. Two news videos examine this issue. 

New Noise Pollution Rules. (2:52) CitizenTv.
The new laws prohibiting noise making in public has taken effect. So if you are in the habit of making noise, remember it could cost you dearly. Being a nuisance to others could cost you 300,000 shillings, or 18 months in jail or both. Those therefore intending to make noise must obtain a license from the National Environment Management Agency, NEMA, stating their intention and purpose for making the noise. But just how compliant are city residents? Sheila Sendeyo was up and about town and filed this report.

Noise Pollution Ban. (1:15) (KTN)
New law raises questions of fairness.

NEMA Effects Noise Pollution Law. (2:59) K24TV 
This report looks at concerns the new law will have on various events such as church services.

Noise law stands (2:23) NTV
The new law on noise pollution stays. Environment minister John Michuki says the rule cannot be changed or repealed to suit what he claims are selfish interests of some and as Jane Kiiyo reports, those who break this law will continue being arrested.

Police move in to enforce law against noise (1:17) NTV

Traffic police officers in Mombasa have impounded several vehicles which are yet to comply with the new directive on noise pollution. Area traffic boss Charles Koskei said the vehicles seized had huge speakers, were producing loud noise which is against the new Noise and Excess Vibration pollution control regulation 2009 and Traffic Act.

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