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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Noise Issues: England - 5 Videos

Noise pollution is on the increase the world over. In this collection of BBC reports the issues of noise abatement through social policy in England is investigated.

Do we need to reduce our noise footprints? (4'13") BBC Reporter Matt Prodger investigates the increasingly nosy urban environments in the UK.

Noise pollution on the increase (1'45") A BBC Inside Out investigation has revealed a rise of nearly 350% in the number of call outs made by a Newcastle noise pollution team last year compared to ten years ago

Noise complaints in London on increase (1' 56") Complaints about noise in London are increasing, with more than 367,000 in the past three years, BBC research has found. Results of Freedom of Information requests found that Tower Hamlets, Westminster, and Southwark were the "noisiest" boroughs - as they had received the most complaints. Figures show the 33 councils issued 3,608 noise abatement notices in 2010.

Bellringers locked in Sharrow church tower over noise (1'45") A group of touring bellringers were locked in a North Yorkshire church tower by an irate villager who took offence at their noise. The team had travelled from Oxfordshire to ring the bells at Saint John the Evangelist Church in Sharrow on Sunday when they became imprisoned. The mystery man climbed the staircase to the belfry before shouting at them and blocking the door shut with wood. They were rescued after their efforts to get out were overheard by a villager.

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