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Friday, February 17, 2012

Soundscape Composition: Found Objects As Instruments

Here are four fun videos that explore the making of rhythmic compositions using found objects within the soundscape. There isn't much information available about the filmmakers. A search of the Internet has provided some, which is included below.

Visual Audio Sound Montage (1:04) An experimental film by Dave Dixon who is a  23 year old Senior in Graphic Design at Louisiana State University 

The Rhythm of Life (1:29) A short video bringing rhythm into your life with everyday objects. The filmmaker is identified as a 21 year old living in the United States. 

Soundscape (1:16) An audio/visual Montage - created by recording the sounds of everyday household objects and sequencing the sounds to create an interesting montage. The filmmaker is identified as a multimedia design graduate of Brighton University in the UK.

Penciled Percussion (2:41) Two young filmmakers made this 2010 award wining Teen Video Challenge  production.

Source: YouTube

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