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Monday, February 20, 2012

Soundscape: The car horns of India's street scene

The following videos were discovered while looking for Indian soundscapes. I sense that they were all shot by visitors who became fascinated with the sights and sounds within which they were finding themselves immersed, perhaps for the first time. 

Save the fourth video until you've viewed the other three - you'll throughly enjoy the 'Car Horn Orchestra'.

Sights and Sounds (3:22) The chaotic street traffic of Amristar in India's Punjab. For all the confusion it seems to flow in its own unique way. 

Traffic in Amristar (2:01) This video includes interesting rhythmic horn honking that gives acoustic diversity to the soundscape.

The Train Crossing  (9:16) This railroad crossing segment would give any railroad safety officer second thoughts about about the purpose of  crossing gates. It all amazingly works - with enough whistle blowing.

Car Horn Orchestra  (00:51)  A short soundscape composition by Pete Bishop inspired by the street sounds of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay).

Note: Canadian composer Hildegard Westerkamp has had a fascination with the soundscape of India for some time and in 2002 composed 'Into India' (earsay label) in which she beautifully weaves together a tapestry of sounds she recorded of citizen's daily activities, cultures, and religions.  Read review: Into India 

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