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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Education: Attentive Listening

Traditionally, educational practice gives little attention to teaching children listening skills. It seems to be assumed that if a child can hear that he/she will automatically be able to deconstruct incoming auditory messages. These two videos explore different approaches to encouraging the development of attentive listening.

Watching With Your Ears (2:51) "Educator Lynn Barnicle provides a learning activity that helps students hone their observation skills by "watching" with their ears, and the sketch symbols to describe what they heard." Source: Vimeo

Minute of Listening (4:45) "Minute of Listening is a creative learning project which encourages pupils and teachers to engage in 60 seconds of focused listening per day. The project is aimed at developing listening skills and introducing children to a wide range of new sounds. It is also anticipated that Minute of Listening will encourage creative thinking, class discussion and an inquisitive approach to aural experiences.

The project has emerged from Sound and Music’s aspiration to promote the joys and rewards of listening, and as a response to current debate around creativity and the importance of listening in a child’s learning and development." Source: Vimeo

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