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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Documentary: Soundscape Ecology

Soundscape Ecology (3:26) NOVA asks: What can sound tell us about the health of an ecosystem? Source: PBS

Documentary: World According to sound

Soundscape - the world according to sound (13:45) “The natural world tells unseen stories through sound - all are fascinating but also disturbing. This new science of soundscape ecology is tracking environmental change with small audio recorders and powerful computer processing. Catalyst discovers what we can learn from listening to nature.”  Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Science (2016).

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Lecture: Dr. Gage Paine —The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence (10:21). When was the last time you felt silence? The concept of silence may be a distant cousin in our everyday lives. Listen and learn. Dr. Gage Paine extends an invitation for us to open our minds to the power silence has on our psyche. Source: TEDxSanAntonio 2012. 

Lecture: Gordon Hampton - saving silence

Saving Silence from Extinction (18:45). One day,Gordon Hempton , slept on the grass. A storm fell and he continued asleep in the rain. That was the day he became fascinated with the sounds of nature. For 25 years, his job is to record sounds that people have forgotten to hear. He warns us: silence is becoming extinct. Source: TEDx Amazonia

Discussion: Surrounded by Soundscapes

Surrounded By Soundscapes (1:22:43) Composer Charles Amirkhanian, soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause, and film editor and sound designer Walter Murch consider the environmental implications and artistic possibilities of aural landscapes and ambient sounds. Source: BAMPFA

Soundwalk: Durham, NC

Sound walk with Anna Friz (1:02). As historian Emily Thompson notes, the soundscape is “simultaneously a physical environment and a way of perceiving that environment.” At Moogfest 2016 in Durham, NC, sound artist Anna Friz led this small group as they walked together while listening closely to their surroundings, considering all sounds as phenomena worthy of attention. This excursion asked participants to become mindful and implicated listeners to their sonic environment (or soundscape), whether indoors or out. The 30-minute walk was followed by 15 minutes of discussion.

Interview: Soundwalk Collective (USA / DE)

interview with Soundwalk Collective (15:03) Artistic collective produces site-specific installations. Stephan Crasneanscki (FR), Simone Merli (IT) and Kamran Sadeghi (IR-USA) explain to us what Soundwalk is about. Source: artribunetv

Sound walk: Across Cultural Borders

Sonic Mapping of Chinatown (1:34). This workshop was open to participants interested in the sonic territories of Chinatown in the city of Philadelphia. This soundwalk highlighted the collective memory and the symbolic significance of the urban soundscape of the immigrant enclaves. The context of the workshop opened a conversation about the significance practice of walking, minding the concept of the acoustic ecology, taking into consideration the significance of the cultural codes embedded in the soundscape, its oral history as well as the richness of its acoustic territories. The participants were prompted to draw a subjective map, taking in consideration their acoustic experience walking in the space. These maps and personal narratives were created and shared at the end of the soundwalk, taking in consideration important sound landmarks in their itinerary. Source: MEGAPOLIS Festival

Lecture: Francisco López (Madrid 2011)

Francisco López (Madrid 2011) (2:04) Internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene, Francisco Lopez has developed an astonishing sonic universe over the past 30 years. Having realized hundreds of concerts, field recording projects, workshops and sound installations in over 60 countries, his extensive catalog of sound pieces have been released by over 250 record labels worldwide. Watch him in conversation with Resident Advisor's Todd L. Burns at the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Madrid. Source: Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Madrid.

Interview: Chris Watson and Jana Winderen

Chris Watson and Jana Winderen in an interview with Robert Dornhelm (23:50). A discussion about “Snaefellsnes” (2008) a Multi-channel audio work encoded for 47 channel Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. The project was recorded on location in Iceland, this composition, which resonates throughout the structure of The Morning Line, captures the atmosphere, mystery, and elemental forces of the remote Snfellsnes Peninsula, home to the Snfellsjökull volcano. The audience is invited to enter and browse within this unique acoustic landscape, which was recorded in surround sound at the time of the midnight sun, before being drawn up the mountainside into the crater and transported toward the center of the earth. – the artist. Source: TBA21-Academy: A Research Based Creative Initiative

Interview: Chris Watson “Whispering in the Leaves”

Whispering in the Leaves -- An Interview with Chris Watson (29:40). On the occasion of his installation 'Whispering in the Leaves' at the Sunderland Winter Gardens commissioned for AVFest 2008, Sounding Out , the international academic conference on sound and the moving image, took the opportunity to interview Newcastle based and world-renowned sound recordist, experimental musician and sound artist Chris Watson about his work. Source: Digital Drift.

Lecture: Lawrence English - Can We Hear Someone Listening?

We Can See Someone Looking, But Can We Hear Someone Listening? (13:20) Composer and artist, Lawrence English is interested in audition, which is the act of perceiving with our ears to extract information from the world around us. Unlike our eyes, our ears have no lids but does this mean we’re always listening and what is this thing called listening anyway - is it merely hearing or is it something more decisive? Most of all he ponders, can we listen to a listener’s listening? Source: TEDxSydney Salon