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Friday, February 12, 2021

Interview: The Nature of Music: Interspecies Music

The Nature of Music: Interspecies Music with Jim Nowman (1:34). Artistic Director Charles Amirkhanian hosts a discussion with composer Jim Nollman, who has dedicated his life to the art and science of “interspecies” communication and music.

This virtual interview features recordings of live performances with Orcas, Macaws, and Turkeys as well as never-before-heard electroacoustic and contra dance music by Nollman.

Amirkhanian and Nollman also discuss the composer's role in the U.S. Navy's efforts to combat whale deaths through sonar, his work as an activist against Dolphin drive fisheries in Japan, and the intersection of technology and intuition involved in collaborating musically with animals. Source: Other Minds.