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Friday, January 19, 2018

Lecture: Hildegard Westerkamp Presences Electronique 2016

Talking Rain (11:48) Hildegard Westrkamp discusses her sound composition techniques in this interview leading up to a presentation of her “Talking Rain” at Presences électronique 2016, Paris.

Interview: Hildegard Westerkamp - VNM 40th

"Für Dich - For You" (3:25) Hildegard Westerkamp discusses her "Für Dich - For You" that was presented on October 17, 2013 at the Vancouver New Music 40th Anniversary Retrospective Festival. Source: YouTube

Soundwalk: Villa il Ventagli Park (Florence)

Soundwalk: Villa il Ventagli Park (4:41) Students of the Professional Institute for the Blind Aurelio Nicolodi (Florence) explore attentive listening to environmental sound. In Italian. Source: YouTube

Interview: Barry Truax - Wrocław University

Interview with Professor Barry Truax (29:52) Led by Robert Losiak, Kamila Staśko-Mazur, Krzysztof Marciniak, and Sławek Wieczorek at the Wrocław University/ Soundscape Resarch Studio 18.06.2014. Source: YouTube

Interview: Barry Truax at SFU

Barry Truax (2:23) Simon Fraser Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology introduction Truax who discusses the soundscape program at SFU.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Documentary: Sons do Arco Ribeirinho Sul

Sons do Arco Ribeirinho Sul (30:47) This video documents the acoustic heritage of an area near the south bank of the Tagus river (Lisbon) that is undergoing redevelopment. The project will have impacts on the whole range of an area called the Arco Ribeirinho Sul, from Fonte da Telha (Almada) to Alcochete, an area that covers six municipalities and is expected to have around half a million inhabitants by 2021. Video by OUT.RA - Associação Cultural in Portuguese 

Soundscape: O Rio

O Rio (11:03) A film by Luis Antero and Tiago Cerveira. The Rui Alvoco crosses a once fertile valley. Today, what exists of this ancient and dynamic reality is only the memory, a collective memory that we will not let die. Through artistic practice, the collection of sounds and images, we contribute to the perpetuation of this memory, in honor of those who have made and continue to make this a valley of pure poetry. Source: Vimeo

Friday, January 12, 2018

Phonography: Napoli Soundscape

Napoli Soundscape (5:30) "Napolisoundscape is a project born in 2013 in the classroom of Electronic Music at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples, inspired by the WSP World SoundScape Project carried out at the end of the 1960 by the Canadian researcher Murray Schafer and other members of the team at Simon Fraser University." Source: YouTube

Sound Walk: Wanderings in Orbit

From Dawn Till Dusk:Wanderings in Orbit (2008) Composed by Pessi Parviainen for the Vancouver Vibrates Festival, which celebrated R.Murray Schafer, the route of this soundwalk orbited Trout Lake in East Vancouver. The lake was surrounded by musicians, who played a composition, which was designed to punctuate and to perhaps blend in with the naturally occurring soundscape.


The National Soundscape. This soundwalk presented as a part of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology 2010 Conference in Koli, Finland, led by Pessi Parviainen and Hildegard Westerkamp. 

Research: Bioacoustics and Listening

The Science of Listening (3:01) Bioacoustics is an interdisciplinary field bridging biological and acoustic sciences, which uses sound technologies to record, preserve, and analyse large datasets of animal communications. But it is also a world, made of the meanings created through inter- and intra-species communication.” In this video bioacoustician Mickey Vallee introduces his Theory, Culture & Society Article 'The Science Listening in Bioacoustic Research"

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Soundscape: Dead Horse Bay

Dead Horse Bay (2:08) by Nerina Penzhorn. "Located on the southwest shore of what used to be Barren Island, Dead Horse Bay’s name dates to the mid-19th century when the area was home to dozens of horse-rendering plants. By the 1920s, most of the plants were gone, and the city had begun the process of connecting Barren Island to the mainland using sand, coal and garbage as landfill. Today the landfill is slowly eroding, releasing 100-year old garbage onto the beach." Best enjoyed with headphones. Source: Vimeo

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Documentary: Listening to a Sense of Place

Listening to a Sense of Place (15:15) "Through the life-story of Canadian pioneer, Billy Proctor, this award-winning documentary explores the meaning of home and what it means to belong. Hear the sounds of Echo Bay, an off-the-grid community along British Columbia’s west coast, and witness a way of life that is disappearing. Follow your ears into the wild." Created by Jennifer Schine and Greg Crompton. Source: Vimeo.

Interview: Darren Copeland

Darren Copeland (3:39) "Darren Copeland is a sound artist and past president of CASE, the Canadian Association of Sound Ecologists. His widely exhibited works include live performance, sound installations, and fixed media compositions. He also curates a wide array of sound events in his role as Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art, a presentation platform for experimental sound artists." Source: Field work

Soundscape Installation: Water Concert

Concierto de agua (water concert) (3:27) by Liliana Gelman

"Our project was to create a concert at the edge of the sea so that we could listen closely to the sounds and rhythms of the water, wind and waves.

Given that our sensory world is shaped by what we hear, and more, that our sense of hearing sets the tone for all our subsequent perceptions, this project was meant to suggest a new perspective from which to hear the sea as a holistic experience.

We placed chairs along the shore in the traditional form of a small auditorium. The sounds of the sea were captured by four microphones, installed at different locations to record different aspects of the motion of the water — the waves at the shore, against the breakwater, the water rushing between the stones, and a general motion of the waves — and to have the sound amplified for about six minutes."

— Liliana Gelman Bienal del fin del mundo, Mar del Plata, Argentina, enero 2015.

Phonography: Justin Boyd

Sound and Time (8:39)"Justin Boyd, Department Chair of Sculpture and Integrated Media at Southwest School of Art, shares his connection with sound and how he uses it to create original works of art. Inspired by his sensitivity to sound at a very young age, Boyd has been recording and working with sound and music since the mid 90s. Boyd actively captures field recordings for integration of sound with found objects."

Soundwalk: Blindfold listening

Blindfold Listening: "The soundscapes of Luís Antero echoed in the church of the Convent of Portela, in Leiria. To the blindfolded public, the phonographer revealed a forgotten universe in everyday life." Source: Vimeo.

Soundscape Installation: Places/ genius loci

Places/ genius loci (9:00) This work is a part of video/audio/performance installation presented at international art fair ArtVilnius'13. Source: Vimeo.

Soundscape: Vital Organs - City ventilation

Vital Organs (27:12). "This photo-phonographic work combines the unnoticed but ever-present sounds and images that map out contemporary urban space. It is a study of the resources – mechanised circulation (pump and fan) and regulation (filtration, heating and cooling) of air and water – needed to support large numbers of humans within shared accommodation across sustained periods of time." Source: Vimeo

Soundwalk: Eternal Hell

Eternal Hell (3:36) The bedouins call this vast barren land the Rub’ Al Khali, literally the “Empty Quarter”. This Desert of deserts stretches from the border of Yemen to the mountains of Oman; from the southern coast of the Arabic Peninsula to the Persian Gulf and the border of Nedjd.
The Soundwalk collective went on a 45-day travel across this desert, in search of the singing sands, scanning and recording the infinity of Hertzian frequencies that stretch across the dunes of Rub’ Al Khali. In the least populated area of the world, these sound waves travel from the coasts of Eritrea through Yemen,Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and the Persian coasts. In this empty vastness, one can distinguish millions of voices, from Bedouins on their voyage though the desert, to oil miners, to the sound of communication between cargo ships and trawlers sailing up the Red Sea, to shortwave radio transmissions along the Persian coast, all the way to North East Africa. The Empty Quarter is the crossroads of the Arabic civilization.

Soundwalk: What is a soundwalk?

What is a soundwalk? (3:17) This video, by Amanda Gutierrez, documents soundwalks created during the Summer 2016 by the Midwest Society of Acoustic Ecology.

Lecture: R. Murray Schafer WFAE 2011

Keynote Speech (45 min.) R. Murray Schafer's keynote speech at the 2011 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology in Corfu, Greece.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Soundscape Installation: Floating Land 2015

WIRA: Floating Land 2015 (5:37) WIRA is an interactive sound installation that reimagines the world beneath the surface of the Noosa River for Floating Land 2015 at the Noosa Regional Gallery in Queensland, Australia.

WIRA can be experienced by walking along the river with a smart phone and listening to content that is geotagged from Noosa Regional Gallery to the river mouth. As you walk along the river bank, the sounds of the Noosa River system are layered with sonic art, stories and soundscapes from Floating Land over the last ten years.

The theme of Floating Land 2015 is Reflect & Re-imagine. This theme provides an opportunity to pause and reconnect with the grassroots beginnings of this event, exploring the connection between art, the environment and the local community. Now in its 8th iteration, Floating Land is an international event celebrating art and the environment. In 2015 Floating Land will celebrate artworks, artists and locations involved in previous Floating Land events. Source Vimeo.

Lecture: Leah Barclay - Sonic Explorations

Sonic Explorations (16:29). Leah Barclay is a composer, sound artist and curator working at the intersection of art, science, technology and the environment.  Leah creates complex sonic environments that draw attention to our ecological crisis and endangered ecosystems. These works are realised through immersive performances and multi-sensory installations drawing on environmental field recordings, multi-channel sound diffusion, live performers and ephemeral projections. In this talk discover more about the role interdisciplinary art can play in community empowerment, social activism and cultural change. Source: TEDxNoosa / YouTube.

Lecture: Andrew Sketch Hearing your place in nature 

Hearing your place in nature (18:02)  Andrew Skeoch believes the way we listen is the way we live. In this talk, Andrew explores the sounds of nature and what we can learn if we take the time to listen. Andrew Skeoch is a naturalist and one of Australia's best-known nature sound recordists. Together with his partner, photographer Sarah Koschak, he established the independent label Listening Earth in 1993 to publish authentic, natural soundscape recordings. This work has now taken him around the world, documenting the sounds of iconic landscapes and threatened ecosystems. Andrew Skeoch is one of our best-known nature sound recordists. He works from a desire to address the fundamental question of our human relationship with the living biosphere. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Soundscape: Victoria Park Hong Kong

Victoria Park Hong Kong (2:49) On Sundays Indonesian ladies who work in Hong Kong as domestic helpers gather in Victoria park, Causeway Bay, to enjoy their one day off. They find various ways to recreate their home culture in this public space open to all. The Hong Kong government does not provide recreational facilities for domestic helpers and they cannot afford to spend money on the paid entertainment opportunities that other residents can make use of. 18 December 2016. Source: YouTube

Lecture: Julian Treasure - Architects and Listening

Why architects need to use their ears (9:45) Because of poor acoustics, students in classrooms miss 50 percent of what their teachers say and patients in hospitals have trouble sleeping because they continually feel stressed. Julian Treasure sounds a call to action for designers to pay attention to the “invisible architecture” of sound. Source: TedTalks.

Lecture: Meklit Hadero - Unexpected beauty of sounds

Unexpected beauty of everyday sounds (13:04) Using examples from birdsong, the natural lilt of emphatic language and even a cooking pan lid, singer-songwriter and TED Fellow Meklit Hadero shows how the everyday soundscape, even silence, makes music. "The world is alive with musical expression," she says. "We are already immersed." Source: Ted Talk

Lecture: Jeremy Eichler War, Soundscape, Memory

War and the Soundscapes of Memory (1:09:04). As the generation with a living memory of the Second World War recedes, the critic and cultural historian Jeremy Eichler RI '17 asks us to open our ears. By exploring how the wartime past has been inscribed in music, he makes the case for hearing history and for reclaiming the power of sound as a unique carrier of meaning about the past. (Harvard University) Source:YouTube.

Interview: Patrick Harlan Doctoral project

AE and Sonic Landscape Preservation (1:16). University of Michigan’s Dow Doctoral Fellow Patrick Harlan from the School of Music Theater and Dance discusses his project on Acoustic Ecology and the Preservation of Sonic Landscapes. Source: University of Michigan

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Interview: Garth Paine on Listening

On Listening (1:00) Arizona State University professor Garth Paine observes why he is an advocate to listening to the acoustic environment.

ASU Note: "Listen to the sounds of the SW USA on our Listen database – gathered by ASU faculty and citizen scientists in National Parks across the SW USA, the recordings help document the transformation of the environment over time due to climate change and other environmental impacts." Source: Vimeo

Monday, January 1, 2018

Lecture: Applied Soundscape - How sound connects us

Applied Soundscape - How sound connects us (17:54) In this talk, Lisa Lavia of the Noise Abatement Society (UK) and Harry Witchel from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School illustrate through a series of auditory demonstrations the importance of sound quality (rather than simply decibel levels) in the built environment. Source: YouTube.