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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Soundscape: Yorkshire

That Yorkshire Sound (2:31) A hand drawn animated documentary, following the rhythms of a day in Yorkshire. It captures the sound of Yorkshire, from its multicultural and bustling cities like Bradford and Sheffield, to the delicate sounds of birds in the country side and the hypnotic rhythm of the motorways and train tracks.

Made for BBC4's 'Listen to Britain', where 12 films were commissioned to show a modern version of Britain, based on the war time film by Humphrey Jennings.
Made in collaboration with BBC, BFI and Wingspan Productions. Source: Vimeo

Documentary: Lisboa Soa 2018

Lisbon Sounds 2018 (14:19) A short documentary that presents highlights from the 2018 event which was an itinerant and participative initiative that aimed to enhance artistic creativity by attributing it to a social and ecological context, as well as promoting a direct intervention in the public space. Lisboa Sounds 2018 drew an aural journey through unusual routes that are defined by sound and listening. (Source: YouTube)