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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soundwalk: Vienna

Vienna listening walk (10:16) A listening walk through the Christkindl-Markt in Rathausplatz, on December 12, 2011, starting 18:06 h MEST.  This is an exercise in the course "Alltagsklaglandschaften" taught in the Department for European Ethnology at the University of Vienna by professor Justin Winkler. 

The video lacks obvious visual perfection and actually doesn't aim at achieving such. It simply accompanies a listening walk and accepts all kinds of glitches and jiggling. The agitation retraces the body movements of the recordist. The camera is held at the upper chest level. Therefore sounds which go past the recordist disappear quickly behind his back: the cloak's cloth insulates, and the body, in contrast to our ears, splits the audio world in audible "front" and absent "back". The recordist cannot see what the camera "watches". So he does not correct changes of direction and the skew position of the image. Source: You Tube

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