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Monday, July 30, 2012

Soundscape Installation: Stockholm Noise

Oljud Stockholm / Stockholm Noise was an exhibition at the Museum Of Music in Stockholm as a part of the Stockholm Culture Festival 2009. Håkan Lidbo and the ethnologist Elin Franzén asked five artist to make remixes of the most sounds that people in Stockholm find most annoying; The Underground, a kitchen at McDonald’s, a kindergarden at a small back yard, a noise café and a road in Old Town with passing heavy traffic. People in Stockolm were interviewed about these sounds and if their attitude to the sound changed after they heard it remixed into music. 
Oljud Stockholm / Stockholm Noise wanted to investigate how we can change our attitude to noise in the city and make it less stressful. By listening with your musical ears instead of your critical ears, one might not only be much less irritated by the noises of the city, one might also discover a new quality and a new dimension of the city. 
The artisits that made noise into music were Mokira (Andreas Tilliander), Noisebud (Sol Andersson and Johannes Ahlberg), Sophie Rimheden, Håkan Lidbo and Yourhighness (Johannes Wikström).
The entire work process, from the audio collection to delivery, has been documented in five short films. In the movies, we also hear the relationship artists have with their noise and what the locals think of their city's sounds and noises

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