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Friday, July 6, 2012

Project: Hearing Hackney

Hearing Hackney (1:50) In preparation for the upcoming 2012 London Olympic games, Hackney Hear is an interactive GPS-triggered audio tour of London’s East End (host of the 2012 Olympic Games) that can be experienced on a user's iPhone or Android. 
As you walk the streets of Hackney, stories new and old will be channeled direct to your ears. You'll hear from famous residents like Iain Sinclair and Tom Hunter to the Turkish and Vietnamese migrants that now populate the area. We’ll also reflect the rich artistic community that have flocked here - commissioning new music, poetry and literature from voices such as Shane Solanki and Kaffe Matthews. These audio clips, which provide artistic renderings, historical tidbits and introductions to the borough's diverse communities, will be triggered as a user walks through the streets, creating his/her own personal soundscape. 

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