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Friday, January 27, 2012

Soundwalk: Guided Soundwalk on Culture Night

Guided Soundwalk (7:20) This September, 2009 NCBI Guided Soundwalk offered a unique sonic experience led by the perceptive abilities of a team of guides with vision impairments while immersed in the intimate acoustic environment of an ‘Audio Umbrella’. The Soundwalk took place on Dublin's Culture Night.

The walk involved five stages, each one is 15 mins. in length and brought the participants to some of the most prominent cultural venues in Dublin's city center, where they could choose to partake in a range of exciting arts programmes for Culture Night.

The walks  were repeated three times during Culture Night so participants could choose to take part  in ‘Light’, ‘Dusk’ and ‘Dark’ events. Unlike a typical tour, guides of the NCBI Guided Soundwalk lead in silence, operating a long cane fitted with microphone and transmitter. With this, they created unique aural compositions broadcasting inside the domes of the Audio Umbrellas, like a mobile conductor directing a score for an urban orchestra.

NCBI Guided Soundwalk offered the audience not only the opportunity to enjoy the rich wealth of sonic experience in the urban environment, but also to appreciate a diversity of perception, ability and creativity.

Video: Vimeo

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