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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project: Bio Circuit - A Wearable Soundscape

Bio Circuit (2:26)  "Bio Circuit is a vest that provides a form of bio feedback using data from the wearer's heart rate to determine what "sounds" they hear through the speaker embedded in the collar of the garment. The wearer places the heart rate monitor around the ribcage, resting against the skin and close to the heart. An MP3 audio player embedded in the vest plays the audio track related to that specific heart rate. The audio tracks are soundscapes mixed from a range of ambient sounds. If the wearer’s heart rate is low, the soundscape will reflect a quiet natural area with sounds such as water, birds and insects. If the wearer has a high heart rate then they will hear a cacophony of urban sounds such as people talking and traffic." Bio Circuit was created at Emily Carr University of Art and Design by Industrial Design student Dana Ramler, and MAA student Holly Schmidt.

Source: Vimeo

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