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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project: Lima Sonora Festival

Lima Sonora Festival (3:33) In this video, children discover and learn about the soundscape of Lima in a visit to the Lima Sonora Festival. This exhibit was organized by the Investigación Sonora en Radio (ISONAR)  workshop that included the participation of professors and students at the University De San Martin De Porres. This exhibit is a  part of a larger project designed to bring the soundscapes of Peru to the people of Lima and to other cities around the world. It has, so far, been on exhibit in Argentina and Spain. 

In this Spanish language news segment children are seen listening to "The Quipu Sound" devices which are colorful handmade gourds (with speakers) that serve as listening stations.  Each is hand painted by Peruvian artists.  The word "quipu"  relates to "talking knots" used by the ancient Inca culture. There provide a multi-sensory experience in which you can touch, smell and see the quipu and robe that composes it.

Participants listen to various recorded sounds of the city with the goal of developing an awareness of the city's soundscape environment.  Among the soundmarks identifying parts of city were the sharpening of knives, tamale making, the sound of trains, combis, bakers, ice cream vendors, strolling players, video games, and market places, among others. Source: YouTube

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