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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interview: Bill Fontana - Spiraling Echoes Installation

Bill Fontana is interviewed (February 2009) as he puts the finishing touches on his sound installation Spiraling Echoes, which essentially used San Francisco City Hall as a musical instrument by shooting ultrasonic beams of bird, underwater and city street sounds off the walls of the building's rotunda. 

Spiraling Echoes (12:24) Interview by Gallery Crawl. There is a related Educators Guide that can either be viewed online or downloaded and printed.  

Spiraling Echoes -The Technology (10:43) On this episode of Culture Wire, Bill Fontana explains the technology behind his audio sculpture "Spiraling Echoes."  Meg Shiffler interviews.

Bill Fontana (born in Cleveland, Ohio, April 25, 1947) is known internationally for his pioneering experiments in sound art.

Source: YouTube

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