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Monday, January 30, 2012

Research: Listening to Elephants

Two videos on the subject of elephant communication are included in this posting:

Listening to Elephants (12:46 ) Bioacoustics researcher Katy Payne and her colleagues have found that elephants use low frequency sounds to communicate. These sounds are mostly below the range of human hearing but we feel them as "pulsations" in the air. In Africa these sounds may travel as far as 10 km and serve to coordinate elephant herds. Payne is co-founder of the Elephant Listening Project, which uses acoustic methods to study and aid in the conservation of forest elephants in Central Africa. Source: Cornell University. YouTube

Elephant Communication (1:44) Matt Anderson of the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conversation Research explains how they have been monitoring communication between elephants that cannot be heard by human ears. Source: BBC

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