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Friday, January 20, 2012

Noise Issues: Texas Hospital Addresses Soundscape

Hospital Noise (4:10) The Quiet Environment Committee at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth used their eyes and ears to learn about the disrupting nature of noise on patient units in the hospital. They found that noise levels exceeding establish federal and international guidelines can impede the wellness of patients, visitors and caregivers. And they learned that too much background noise can threaten critical communications.

The hospital introduced the concept of "SHHH," or Silent Hospitals Help Heal, and installed Yakker Trackers to monitor sound levels. The Yakker Trackers look like a stoplight: When the decibel level is at a healing level, the light is green. As sound levels increase, the lights turn yellow, and then red. Producer: Texas Health Resources  Source: YouTube

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  1. IMHO the concept of Soundscape essentially distinguishes several aspects of "background noise". Some are neutral or pleasant, others alarming, or distracting. It is the mix of all these sounds that determines the auditive experience, and it is the mix that should be shaped to contribute to a "healing environment".


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