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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lecture: Steven Feld and Hillel Schwartz

Post Presentation Discussion. (6:20) This video covers a follow-up question and answer segment of the Sensing the Unseen Seminar at MIT with speakers Hillel Schwartz and Steven Feld. The session took place on October 22nd, 2010. 

Feld is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Music at the University of New Mexico. Trained as a jazz musician, then filmmaker, then anthropologist, he has worked in textual, sound, and visual media since 1975 in Papua New Guinea, Europe, Japan, and Ghana.

Hillel Schwartz is a poet, translator, case manager, and independent scholar who has published widely on topics in cultural history. His most recent opus is Making Noise from Babylon to the Big Bang and Beyond.

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