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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lecture: Gordon Hempton at TEDx Amazon

Saving Silence From Extinction (19:20) For 25 years Gordon Hempton has recorded sounds that people have forgotten or have not given attention. In this presentation at TEDx Amazon he warns that silence is an endangered elements of the soundscape and he wants to save it from extinction.

The TEDx Amazon is a nonprofit conference bringing together more than 50 thinkers of knowledge areas as diverse as art and technology, science and business, to talk about their best ideas in talks lasting 5 or 15 minutes. Source: YouTube

Soundtracker: Amazon (4:54) Over 20 years ago, Gordon Hempton visited Brazil's Amazon to record the sounds of dawn. He recently returned. This is what it sounded like. A short film by Nick Sherman. Source: Vimeo

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