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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interview: Nicola Belucci and Wolfgang Fasser

Interview: Nicola Belucci and Wolfgang Fasser (7:25) The documentary film Nel Giardino die Suoni (The Garden of Sound) explores the work with handicapped kids by music and physical therapist Wolfgang Fasser.

Fasser is a Swiss musician, sound researcher and music therapist who lost eyesight as a young person. For many years, he has worked in Tuscany with severely disabled children, introducing them to the world of sound by using all kinds of natural sounds, noises and music. Fascinated by the sounds of his environment, he is constantly recording sonic events like singing birds early in the morning. Later he plays uses these recordings with children. This Art-TV, recorded in Munich, explores the story behind the film. Source: Art-TV

Film Trailer (1:55) Il Giardino Dei Suoni (Source: You Tube)

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