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Monday, March 12, 2012

Research: The Sounds Around You - Part 1

The Sounds Around You Map Project is Researcher Charlie Mydlarz's PhD undertaking at the University of Salford's Audio and Acoustic Engineering Research Centre, Manchester, UK. He has been building a sound map of the world to investigate how sounds in the everyday environment affect people. 

The traditional method of sound surveying is to use trained professionals to go to a specific location to measure and assess a site using dedicated and expensive equipment. This project aims to enfranchise the public by providing them with the opportunity to play an active role in evaluating a soundscape by encouraging people to use their smart phones to record sound clips documenting their community soundscapes.  These are then uploaded to a virtual map along with a set of answers to questions about their selection


Introduction to Sound Around You Project (3:58) Charlie Mydlarz discusses how individuals can contribute to a 'Sound Map' of the world using their mobile phones. This process will soon change allowing participants to record and post comment simultaneously using a new phone application under development. Source: Vimeo


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