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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project: Silence of the Lands

Silence of the Lands  is "... a long term project that uses sounds to promote active and constructive roles in the interpretation and management of natural and urban environments. The project investigates infrastructural use of social technologies and cross-media interaction in support of informal learning, sustainable development, and 'new heritage' practices. The project has been showcased at the Sonic Arts Festival and in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac Gallery, listed in Stephen Wilson's Info Arts Links, and presented in several venues, including the HP Mobile Labs, Bristol." Click2Read  more.


Silence of the Lands (1:25) "This project  enables participants to map and annotate the soundscape of urban and natural environments. Participants can record and collect ambient sounds, create and share acoustic cartographies, and use them as conversation pieces of a social dialogue on the sonic environment. The result is an ecomuseum in which personal acoustic ecologies are translated into an affective geography that changes over time according to participants' perceptions and interpretations of their environmental setting." Source: YouTube

Protoype SOL Composition (1:13) (SP) Prototype of a tangible social interface for browsing soundscapes. Allows the composition of most environmental sounds selected by users who interact with the interactive surface. This prototype has the important feature of multi-user (up to 4 people simultaneously).

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