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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Soundscape: Communal Acclamation

Communal  Acclamation (2:01) Have you ever heard a city cheering?  This short video provides an interesting example of a communal event amongst dwellers in the high rise Yaletown district of Vancouver, B.C.  The cheering was the result of the Vancouver Canucks defeating the San Jose Sharks in a hockey game opening the way for the Canucks to play in the prestigious Stanley Cup competition. The video demonstrates the power of sound to go beyond the constraints of sight and be shared by a whole community. 

Vancouver has one of the fastest-growing residential downtown areas in North America: nearly 40,000 people have moved downtown in the last 10 years. Nowhere is this urban renaissance more apparent than in the densely packed high-rise condos and converted warehouses of Yaletown now home to many of the city’s trendiest restaurants, bars and night spots, hip shopping boutiques, and celebrity haunts. Source: YouTube.

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