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Friday, December 23, 2011

Project: Interactive Sound Walk

Interactive Sound Walk (:58) During the last week of November 2001, went to Mexico City with the goal of creating an interactive installation for the opening event of the Fonoteca Nacional de México .

The installation was an interactive map that is manipulated by the user selecting a location and listening to the soundscapes from that spot. The map included the 31 States of México and México D.F. Each one of these states included several representative soundscapes.

The installation was divided into two parts. First, the user could manipulate a physical table on which the map of México has been printed. When the user pressed on the top of one states or locations the sound from that area could be heard. Second, the user could watch a video projection of the same map that moves according to the user interaction, and shows information about the soundscape that is playing. Click2Read about the project.  

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