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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Documentary: Lisbon - The City is an Orchestra

Lisbon - The City is an Orchestra (Lisboa em Si) (1.05.30), had a very special goal: to explore the musical possibilities of a riverside city. On the 21st of June, 2013, Lisbon was the stage for an unique concert that gathered thousands of people, in a gigantic sound and social experience. The result was a seven minute musical composition, using horns from 22 ships, 6 fire department vehicles, 2 trains, 106 church bells from 19 churches and 6 electric tram bells. One hundred musicians performed live an original score, radio coordinated and scattered all over the historical riverside area of Lisbon. This Documentary tells a story of Lisbon for Lisbon... from its daily and urban sounds to an unrepeatable musical journey that belongs in the city’s musical history. Source: YouTube

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