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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Soundscape Composition: Tokyo City Symphony

Tokyo City Symphony: This is a project in two parts that was created for the 10th anniversary of an urban complex in Tokyo known as Roppongi Hills and posted on line in April, 2013. The theme is "Love Tokyo"

Part One: View a video in which brilliant abstract images are projected onto a 1:1,000 scale model of Tokyo. The video soundtrack is composed of those common sounds heard throughout the city and form a "symphonic" composition to accompany the changing graphics. Click2View Video 

Part Two: Participants can enjoy various motifs of the city: "Futuristic City," "Rock City," and a traditional Japanese "Beauty of Nature" motif by pressing the keys on a keyboard, as if playing the piano. Exploit the possibilities and make Tokyo more dynamic and exciting. Click2 Explore composing your own score.

Source: YouTube and Tokyo City Symphony.

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