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Monday, January 28, 2013

Project: Searching for quiet spaces.

Hear A Pin Drop: Holly Rumble, Norwhich, UK, is an artist working with live performance and sound. In this project, Rumble sets out to see if she can find places within a busy acoustic environment in which a pin drop can be heard. The information is mapped and document on project special forms. This series of videos documents six days of field work with a good explanation of the project in the Day 1 video. Click2Read about this Edinburgh project.

Day 1 (3:57) 
Day 2 (4:05)
Day 3 (2:24)
Day 4 (2:51)
Day 5 (3:12)
Day 6 (3:36)

Click2Read more about Holly Rumble and her Hear A Pin Drop project.

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