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Monday, October 1, 2012

Noise Pollution: California Dreaming

This report includes four short news videos about noise issues in the state of California where mechanized sound has become a soundscape issue:

Anti-Noise Day ( 2:06) In an effort to raise awareness about the damage loud sounds can cause to our ears, the state of California observed "International Noise Awareness Day. This short piece was aired on April 29, 2010. Source: CBS News.

Helicopter Noise: Los Angeles (2:36) The noise pollution created by low-flying helicopters that frequent the skies of Los Angeles is infuriating residents. CBS reporter Hattie Kaufman reports that Angelinos may get help from Congress.

Motorcycles in San Francisco (1:54) A short story about San Francisco enforcement of loud motorcycles. Listed are the health effects that cycle noise have on riders and others. Source: You Tube

Police Curb Loud Mufflers (2:37) A related video about 2009 efforts in San Francisco to address motorcycle muffler sound pollution. Source:

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