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Friday, May 4, 2012

Soundscape Composition: Sonic Wasteland

Sonic Wasteland (1:48) By Justin Ascott. "A non-narrative exploration of an urban wasteland - an interstitial no-mansland , fenced off and bounded by commercial buildings. The film presents this ignored non-place, as a surreal, still, alien world, populated by detritus and resonating sound waves. Through each scene an animated line delineates the topography, drawing attention to spacial boundaries and shapes. 

The visual sequences are foregrounded by a musique concrete composition, comprised of recordings of natural sounds transformed using modulation filters into a montage of abstract sonic vibrations. 

Supported by Tecnologico de Monterrey, MexicoScreenings: Selected for screening at the Lightworks 2012 festival of film, sound and new media held in Grimsby Minster (UK) on the evening of 16th March." Source: YouTube

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