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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Soundscape: Japan - Flowing Water

Water has a significant meaning in Japanese culture and religion and is found in the country's history, literature and mythology. Here are three reflective videos related to rain and water in the Japanese soundscape.

Rain On An Old Roof (2:12)  By Shinji Kanki. The sound of gentle rain falling on the roof of an old house in Kurashiki-city provides a quiet contemplative soundscape. Source: YouTube

Rainy Courtyard (1:02) By Hiroshi Sato. The sound of rain in a traditional garden and architectural setting.   Source: YouTube

Rice Field Water Sounds. (3:53) By Kurt Bell.  The hills and mountains of central Japan are pleasant places to walk and explore. During summer the rice farmers irrigate their fields and there is a distinct tinkle and gurgle which can be heard as water flows from irrigation channels into and out of each field. Source: YouTube

Hard Rain on the Roof (00:41) By Kurt Bell. A moment in the mountains when heavy rain cascades off a nearby roof.

Nagoya Garden (2:02) The sound of water is an important part of many Japanese gardens such as this one in Nagoya.

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