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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Phonographer: Rosa Maria Oliart

The following four videos explore the work of Peruvian phonographer and filmmaker Rosa Maria Oliart as she worked on recent projects. Ms. Oliart is the current President of the National Film Board of Peru (Spanish).

Desde El Sonido (3:31) (Spanish) Rosa Maria Oliart discusses her documentary "From the Sound", a discovery of the natural and cultural soundscape of Peru.  This is a CampusTV report produced by students of the Faculty of Communications at the University of San Martin de Porres, Lima. Source: YouTube. 

Rosa Maria Oliart registra Los Sonidos del Peru para el mundo (2:09) (Spanish) A National Liaison news cast interview with Ms. Oliart and her field recording project. National Liaison is a daily news program broadcast in 29 cities in Peru. Source: YouTube

Los Sonidos del Perú "Desde el Sonido" (5:46) This program documents a new film project by Rosa Maria Oliart. It includes unique sounds of the ocean, mountains and jungle of Peru. Oliart says, "We tried to cover all of Peru looking for sounds that might be of interest to be used in later productions." Peruvian sounds of nature, animals and even the customs were captured. This project was funded by the Spanish Cooperation and the project took more than a year to complete. Access to these sounds is free to potential users by registering at the web site. This project also led Rosa Maria Oliart to work on a documentary about Peru's sound spaces called "From the Sound", which will be released soon. Click2Read more. (YouTube)

Sonidos del Perú en Paracas-Perú (5:46) Short non-narrative documentary about the sounds of Peru as captured by Rosa Maria Oliart. Source: YouTube

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